October 7, 2013

Monday-itis Medicine

It's finally cooled off outside (scarf and jacket time!), I had a great weekend, and I got to sleep in just a teensy bit this Monday morning.  So even though the Cowboys totally blew it in the last  minutes of yesterday's game (damn Romo interceptions!), I don't much need my own Monday-itis Medicine today, but just in case you do...

 Post Secret is always one of my first stops along the interwebs on Mondays.  I often giggle aloud at some of the secrets people send in!  This postcard is one of my all time favorites as I used to be quite addicted to CSI.  Some of the postcards are sad and tragic, others silly, and still others full of hope for the future.  Post Secret does a lot of work for suicide prevention and I think that is such a great cause to support. 

This cute, stylish teenager is 17 year old Karrie.  Karrie has Down syndrome and she recently became a model for Wet Seal, her favorite clothing store.  Click the pic for her awesome and inspiring story! (via xoJane)

Prepare to shed a few sad tears, along with some happy ones.  The story of Mama Jade and her rescue will break your heart...and then fill it with love. (via The Frisky)

And this right here, is the absolute epitome of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.  Several Boston Marathon bombing victims and other amputees participated in a running clinic for challenged athletes yesterday at Harvard University.  Running is good for the soul, and it makes me happy to see these people, who've been through an awful ordeal, getting up and running despite the loss of their legs.  Talk about inspiration! (via Yahoo!)

Happy Monday everyone!

xo :)

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