September 9, 2013

Monday-itis Medicine

If you know me, you may be aware of my aversion to Monday.  I dread Monday.  It always comes too fast.  It means my weekend is over.  It somehow makes my morning alarm sound SO loud, even though I have not adjusted the volume on said alarm in weeks.  It's just...ugh.

My Mondays are notorious for throwing problems at me first thing in the morning.  Cat puke on the carpet at 7am (that's fun to wake up to), a dead car battery, not enough milk for my cereal, I can't find my favorite bra and I proceed to tear apart my bedroom searching for it and then I discover it in my gym bag from Friday still unwashed and now I must decide on a different top because the dirty bra is the only bra that can go with the top I have picked out and this will make me late to work because I haven't packed my lunch or made my smoothie yet.  Dammit!

My name is Monica, and I have chronic Monday-itis.

Don't laugh!  It's a real, serious condition.  Ok, maybe not really, but it puts me in a MOOD!

In an effort to reduce my Monday-itis induced symptoms (bitch face, grumpy demeanor, general malaise) I have decided to notice the light inside and find some things to be happy about on Mondays.  I think I shall make this a regular thing.  Perhaps I should also better my morning time management skills??  That's a whoooooole other post...

So, no more bitch face, no more grumpy grump today, because there are several things making my Monday a good day...

A fresh red manicure for fall.  Now if only the temperatures would cooperate and get fall-like!

Some Monday morning body positivity via Go Kaleo.  We're all beautiful girls, it's time we accept ourselves and each other!

Discovering this blog was a definite plus this Monday.   It's written by the former editor of Lucky magazine, Kim France.  I was a long time subscriber to Lucky, and I always liked her editor's letter and seeing things from her perspective.  Since I am a girl of a certain age, this is a web space I shall be frequenting quite often from now on!

And this, last but most certainly not least, is the bestest awesomest thing about's my baby sister's 17th birthday!

This is her at prom this past April.  She is quite lovely, no?  Naturally gorgeous (she got the red hair, no fair!), athletic, and whip smart, she makes me hopeful for the next generation.  But, no pressure, ok Shelby??  Haha.  Happy happy birthday dear sissy and I miss and love you tons! ;)

And a happy Monday to one and all.

xo :)

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  1. I love the nails in the second pic. The first one....i have been there too you know..
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark