September 27, 2013

Another Year Older and...Wiser?

So, last Friday was my birthday, and I have now officially been 36 years old for a whole week.  I'm just gonna let that sink in for a bit.....
Actually, I've been stewing over it almost the whole week.  Okay, maybe not "stewing" as in worrying about it, but definitely "stewing" as in really thinking about where I am in life and more importantly, where I want to be.  I know it's been quiet around here, but there's been some big thinking going on at home.

I do like being 36.  I like really knowing who I am.  I like my style more now.  I've got the relationship I want because I'm no longer afraid to ask for what I need.  I've got life experience; I've grown quite a bit from even my 30th birthday.  I'm thankful for all of that.

But of course, as with anything, there are not so great aspects of getting older.
Things I don't like about being my version of 36:
I can't hang anymore, party wise.  It just takes too long to recover!
It takes a loooooong time and a lot of work to lose 5 pounds.
It also only takes one weekend of indulging in food and drink to put on said 5 pounds!
I've become a homebody.  While I don't necessarily not like being a homebody, I do miss out on some fun things because it's Tuesday and it's 8pm and I just don't want to get dressed and go back out! 

All that said, I do want to make some changes and improvements to the current status quo.  I thought it would be prudent of me to write down some things I want to accomplish over this next year of life.  It always helps to have goals, right?

 1.  Be a regular morning workout person.  I always love how I feel ALL day after a morning workout.  It is an easy way for me to really start the day in a positive head space.  I am often times very lazy about getting up in time to workout before 6am, but I'm also lazy about getting back out of the house to go workout after I get home from work!  Plus, the gym is MUCH less crowded in the early a.m. I want to make this a priority.  Those 5 pounds aren't going to lose themselves!

 2.  Save my money.  And this is a BIG one for me.  Since I have a bit of a financial hole to fill, this is how I may have to save...penny by penny!  But I've crunched some numbers and, if I try really hard, I can get it done in a reasonable amount of time.  I am SO looking forward to the day I can say I'm completely debt free! 

 3.  Take advantage of the awesome free things!  There are probably a hundred and one free things to do in Dallas in a given month.  From park parties with music to free fall concerts to the now free for everyone Dallas Museum of Art, I really need to get out and explore.  Being able to do fun things and not spend money will definitely help with that whole saving thing. And may actually get me out of the house on a Tuesday. (Photo by Faith DeSmet)

4.  Elevate my style.  And not so much with new stuff (saving my money!), but with things I already have, mixed up in different ways.  I am terrible at doing this.  But I resolve to try harder from now on.  For instance, I have a chambray shirt...the one all the style bloggers say is such a great basic and can be worn so many different ways.  They've even shown me how.  But I NEVER wear mine.  Like, ever.  I must find a way to wear this shirt at least three ways.  Then I should find a way to wear everything in my closet at least three ways.  Is that even possible?  I hope so!

Like, how cute is this?!

And this...

And I'm totally into this.  Challenge accepted.  Now, come on fall temps!!

 Happy Friday! 

xo :)

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