August 9, 2013

Thinking Fall

This.  I am ready for the outside world to look like this.

It's been SO hot here in Dallas lately!  But I can't help wishing for fall already.  Don't get me wrong, I do love the warm (ok, scorching hot) summer days, but there's just something about fall that makes me feel fantastic.  Cooler temps, colorful trees, the Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks, and of course, fall fashion.  Fall is absolutely my favorite fashion season.  I crave textured fabrics, cozy knits, deep colors, and my jackets and boots.  It doesn't really cool off until about October here, so I've got weeks of more heat to go.  But a girl can dream.  


I saw this Etro dress while perusing the internet yesterday and haven't stopped thinking about it.  It scares me a little because of the all-over big print but...oh it's beautiful.  Wonder where I could come up with an extra $1700?  Maybe somewhere somehow I can find a similar one that's more budget friendly.  Although I'm not sure my curvy hips would fit in it.  Sigh.  
The bag and shoes are totally do-able though.  I'm loving the structure of both!


Shoes! Who doesn't love fall shoes?  Nobody that's who.  I've never owned a leopard print...anything.  But this year I'm really feeling it.  I think I might have to branch out and get some...starting with this classy pump.  The biker boot trend is also speaking to me.  How great would these be with some skinnies and a chunky oversize knit sweater!  I bought the loafers shown here a little while back from Shoemint but haven't had the chance to wear them yet.  I am really looking forward to sporting these on casual Fridays at work with dark jeans and a tailored jacket.  I found some similar burgundy loafer options here and here.


I am sort of obsessed with skinny jeans.  I can't remember the last time I wore any other cut (stuck in a rut?). Anyway, I am really liking these two printed options.  I like that the print is tonal so it doesn't scream at you, but you can definitely tell these skinnies are not your average colored denim.  I also seem to be really drawn to hunter green (forest green, moss, etc.).  This jacket is just about the perfect style and color for my fall ideas.  Something like this might be mine soon!
I have been eyeing this brown tote for a couple of weeks.  I just love the shape of it and the color is completely right.  AND it's affordable.  Done!

Are you thinking fall yet?  What styles are you craving?

Happy Friday!

xo :)

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  1. Love those leopard print shoes!! I bought some last year and have yet to wear them. Go get you some and we can rock them this fall! :)