August 6, 2013

That New Dress Feeling

“I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you're living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”  Diana Vreeland

Sometimes I feel like a new dress will fix everything.  Make me feel younger/thinner/prettier/better.  And yes, it usually does...for a while.  Then the night is over, the dress goes back in the closet, and I'm down from my cloud.  Hello eyelid wrinkles, hello zit I had masterfully covered with Lancome concealer (which is the BEST, by the way), and hello blister from dancing all night in those high heels.  I do love that feeling though...don't you?

New dress...almost like a first kiss.  You see it among the stuffed full racks. It catches your eye with that beautiful color or fabulous looking neckline.  "Oooooooh!" you say excitedly, eyes wide.  And it's my size!  And on SALE!  This could be the one!  Wait, don't get your hopes up too might sit funny on your hips or bunch weird around the middle.  Let's try it on.  Anticipation bubbles as you wander around looking for the fitting room.  Why are those things never close by??  Found it!  You strip, slide new dress off its hanger and unzip..."please oh please oh please let it fit!"    You slip it on, wiggle the zipper up, and you turn around to face the almost always unforgiving dressing room mirror...  "Yes!"  No waist bunching, the zipper lies flat, and your boobs look amazing.  Success!!

I love shopping trips like that!

It's rare to find an article of clothing that makes you feel that good.  And even rarer to find one that will keep making you feel that good every time you put it on.  It's important, however, to feel good even without that one, spectacular new dress/top/skirt/pair of shoes.  The quote above made me I do my best to feel good, great even, every day...even if there is no new dress?  To live my life as positively and authentically as possible, to be happy?  I sure try.  Some days are better than others.  But it's good to remember, that as beautiful as that new dress is, and as wonderful as it makes me feel, it's only a dress.  It is better to feel beautiful on the inside.  To know that I am a good person, I am smart, capable, compassionate.  That I am living a good any old thing I wear.

    xo :)


  1. Love new dresses! But you are right, they don't fulfill the inside. Thanks for sharing! :)