August 12, 2013

Pattern Play...Part 1

I am a bit intimidated by bold prints.  I find that other people in bold prints look fantastic to me quite often.  But when I think of myself in one I think...yeeeeaaahh I don't know.  BUT, one of my reasons for doing this blog thing was to branch out, get inspired, try new things, be a little more brave, and wear a damn bold print! :)

Ok so I know this print isn't THAT bold, but it's sort of new for me.  I saw this dress at the Pitaya boutique here in Dallas and it immediately caught my eye.  I picked it up thinking, "oh this is SO cute!"  But could it work on me?  I tried it on and it fit so perfectly I decided I had to quit being a scaredy-cat and just buy it.

I didn't do too much with accessories or makeup because, well, bold prints and bold lips and/or jewels together makes me nervous.  In looking at the photos now, I'm thinking I should have gone for it.  Maybe a brighter lip or some other pop of color maybe? A belt?

Anyway, turns out I do really like this dress and I want to try a couple of different looks with it!  And how cute is this cut out in the back?  Love.  Love even more that it only cost me $38!

What do you guys think?  Should I have gone for some more color here?  What accessories would you style this dress with?

Also, stay tuned for part 2 of the bold print adventure...with bold print pants!

xo  :)

1 comment:

  1. Love this dress!! I bet you could totally pull off a skinny colored belt with it. Maybe red? I think that would be the perfect touch!