August 29, 2013

White Hot

 I finally found THE perfect white jacket for me.  On super sale.  At, where else?  The Limited, of course!  I bet almost half my clothes are from that place.  I'm always finding such cute things, from work basics to fun tops and shoes, and they have the BEST sales. 

It's not exactly jacket weather here in Texas (August = HOT) but I couldn't help styling my newest piece right away.  This jacket will be in heavy rotation come October.

Jacket(on sale!), top, and shorts (similar) - The Limited  // Wedges - Seychelles // Jewelry - Accessory Fanatic // Clutch - Urban Expressions

These Seychelles wedges are so colorful and cute!  I was in love the minute I saw them.  I've been wearing them all summer.

I don't tend to do an all white outfit too often, but seeing everything together with my new jacket and bright shoes and bag makes me want to do it again while the summer days are still here.  New style adventures await!
Cuff // Watch (similar) // Necklace (similar)

Happy pre-Friday!

xo :)

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August 27, 2013

A New Attitude

So, it's kind of incredible that the perfect haircut can totally change my outlook.  I love it so much.  My face looks...different.  Cuter even.  Maybe I needed a change to really see myself the way I have been wanting to see myself.  I think I even feel a little more confident in myself and my style.  Amazing how that works isn't it??

I wrote about this romper a few weeks ago.  About how I was timid about wearing it with heels (I was timid about wearing it at all, really) and about how I was feeling insecure about it being too "sexy" or "young" for me.  Well, goodbye to that negativity.  And hello confidence!

Romper - Jenna B's // Shoes - Amazon // Clutch - old // Bracelets - Accessory Fanatic

Since the colors on this piece are so bright, I decided to keep my accessories basic and black.  The shoes I got on Amazon, and despite being quite inexpensive, they look great and are actually comfortable.  I was feeling fab in this outfit--it's like my blogger friend at The Fashion Stir Fry said, I should feel "confident and sexy without being vulgar."  And I definitely did!

xo :)

August 15, 2013

The Evolution of My Hair

I have decided that today is the day.  After over three years of growing out my hair (right now it's to the middle of my back) it's time to make a cut.  A big one!  Change is good, right?

I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  I love that it's naturally wavy.  But on super humid or rainy days, I kind of hate that it's naturally wavy.  I get a TON of split ends.  But my hair does grow pretty fast so I can always cut them off.  My hair has changed a lot over the years...blonde, brown, red, short, long, curly, straight...I've had it all.  It's been red since 2009 and growing long since 2010.  I've thought long and hard over the last couple months about cutting it again.  Last time I went short, I got a cut that was an odd shape and way too layered and while it looked ok straight, whenever I let out my natural curl I kind of got triangle hair.  Sort of like this:

Not flattering!  Ok so it wasn't quite that bad, but I did NOT like it.  Needless to say I was not keen on cutting my hair again anytime soon after that.  But enough time has passed, I've chosen my stylist carefully, and I'm quite excited about the cut I'm making today.  I'm headed to the salon in about an hour, so I thought I'd take a little trip down hair memories lane to reminisce.  Also, big thanks to Kylie over at Lip Gloss & Lunges for inspiring me to write this post! :) 

Ok here we go....

Awwww!  I think I am about 4 or 5 here.  Natural blonde!

 Skip on up to I think 7th grade, my hair is a little darker and niiiice and short.  This was 1990 so yes, I had teased bangs.  And this isn't even as bad as it got!  But I will not be showing you those pics! :)

Here I am on the last day of 8th grade.  Perm and some weirdo bangs.  Yes.  I think I may have dyed it brown in 9th grade, but I couldn't find a photo of that year.

Jump ahead to my early 20s (high school hair was pretty much like this, except for darker).  Mega highlights!  I think this is the lightest I ever got.  I'm about 23 here.

In 2006 at age 28, I decided to go short.  And get bangs again.  I was just ok with this cut.  Once the bangs grew out a little, I liked it better.

Grown out bangs and curls, later that same year.

Here we are in 2007, a little longer, and dammit if I didn't try to do bangs again.  I remember having SO much trouble styling my hair for this night out in LA.  I just couldn't get them to do right!

Here I went a little darker (and grew out the bangs!). I think this was spring 2008. 

Then I went back light and, oh, hello bangs!  This was the first time I really liked the way bangs looked on me.  Thank you (my hairstylist) Brian!!

Grown out, even more blonde, and curls! Summer 2008

May of 2009, my first photos as a redhead!  I'll probably never forget this night, I went out for a birthday with a bunch of friends and they were all going crazy over my color change!  It was so much fun!  I felt like a totally new person.

Here in 2010 I went to a deep auburn color.  This is that weird cut I was telling you about earlier.  It looks fine straight but man did it pouf out when it was curly!  I really loved this color though.

By 2012, I had grown my hair out and lightened up the color quite a bit.  I just got kind of tired of going to the salon every 4-5 weeks to get my color done.  I should have been born a redhead!  I mean, my dad, my grandmother, my cousin, both my half siblings...they all got the natural red hair and I missed out!

And this is me just last month.  A little darker again (I couldn't give up the red!) and long.

Well wasn't that fun?  It's kind of crazy to see all these hair changes lined up together.  And also, to see how much my face has changed over the years.  Man I look like a baby at 23!  Ah well, I wouldn't trade what I know about myself now to be 23 again, but I would maybe go back and tell that younger version of myself a few things!  With age comes wisdom, so they say.  So, here's to my soon-to-be sassy new shorter 'do.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

xo :)

August 14, 2013

Pattern Play...Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, here is my second attempt at styling a bold print.  This time, some super cute F21 pants (similar here)!

And again, timid 'ol me added zero color to this look!  Except for the hot pink toes I guess.  
I looked through my closet over and over, but I just could NOT find a top I liked to go with these pants.  I'm starting to think my wardrobe lacks some of the basics, like nice colored tanks (a red one would've been good here, no?) and a minimal black sandal.  I was wishing I had a shoe like that for several minutes when I was putting this together!  Too bad wishing doesn't make the perfect shoe (or anything!) appear in my closet...
Anyhoo, I do like these pants a lot!  They just about jumped off the rack at me as I was walking through the store.  Before it got super warm out, I wore them with a white skinny strap tank, flat sandals, and a long cardi one night out for pizza on a patio.  I thought it was a pretty decent casual look.  Perhaps these pants will translate into fall with some booties?  And of course, the right top!  If I ever find one...

I do like the way this outfit looks, even sans color.  Plus the pants are super soft and comfortable, not to mention affordable. I did have them tailored a little so they would be more of an ankle pant.  I also like the  ruffle detail along the top and the tie belt.

 The sandals I'm wearing are some of my most favorite, by Chinese Laundry (similar here and here).  They are my go-to heels in the spring and summer because they go with literally anything.

Let it be known that I WILL find another, more creative way to style these pants.  I am on a mission!  

xo :)

August 12, 2013

Pattern Play...Part 1

I am a bit intimidated by bold prints.  I find that other people in bold prints look fantastic to me quite often.  But when I think of myself in one I think...yeeeeaaahh I don't know.  BUT, one of my reasons for doing this blog thing was to branch out, get inspired, try new things, be a little more brave, and wear a damn bold print! :)

Ok so I know this print isn't THAT bold, but it's sort of new for me.  I saw this dress at the Pitaya boutique here in Dallas and it immediately caught my eye.  I picked it up thinking, "oh this is SO cute!"  But could it work on me?  I tried it on and it fit so perfectly I decided I had to quit being a scaredy-cat and just buy it.

I didn't do too much with accessories or makeup because, well, bold prints and bold lips and/or jewels together makes me nervous.  In looking at the photos now, I'm thinking I should have gone for it.  Maybe a brighter lip or some other pop of color maybe? A belt?

Anyway, turns out I do really like this dress and I want to try a couple of different looks with it!  And how cute is this cut out in the back?  Love.  Love even more that it only cost me $38!

What do you guys think?  Should I have gone for some more color here?  What accessories would you style this dress with?

Also, stay tuned for part 2 of the bold print adventure...with bold print pants!

xo  :)

August 9, 2013

Thinking Fall

This.  I am ready for the outside world to look like this.

It's been SO hot here in Dallas lately!  But I can't help wishing for fall already.  Don't get me wrong, I do love the warm (ok, scorching hot) summer days, but there's just something about fall that makes me feel fantastic.  Cooler temps, colorful trees, the Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks, and of course, fall fashion.  Fall is absolutely my favorite fashion season.  I crave textured fabrics, cozy knits, deep colors, and my jackets and boots.  It doesn't really cool off until about October here, so I've got weeks of more heat to go.  But a girl can dream.  


I saw this Etro dress while perusing the internet yesterday and haven't stopped thinking about it.  It scares me a little because of the all-over big print but...oh it's beautiful.  Wonder where I could come up with an extra $1700?  Maybe somewhere somehow I can find a similar one that's more budget friendly.  Although I'm not sure my curvy hips would fit in it.  Sigh.  
The bag and shoes are totally do-able though.  I'm loving the structure of both!


Shoes! Who doesn't love fall shoes?  Nobody that's who.  I've never owned a leopard print...anything.  But this year I'm really feeling it.  I think I might have to branch out and get some...starting with this classy pump.  The biker boot trend is also speaking to me.  How great would these be with some skinnies and a chunky oversize knit sweater!  I bought the loafers shown here a little while back from Shoemint but haven't had the chance to wear them yet.  I am really looking forward to sporting these on casual Fridays at work with dark jeans and a tailored jacket.  I found some similar burgundy loafer options here and here.


I am sort of obsessed with skinny jeans.  I can't remember the last time I wore any other cut (stuck in a rut?). Anyway, I am really liking these two printed options.  I like that the print is tonal so it doesn't scream at you, but you can definitely tell these skinnies are not your average colored denim.  I also seem to be really drawn to hunter green (forest green, moss, etc.).  This jacket is just about the perfect style and color for my fall ideas.  Something like this might be mine soon!
I have been eyeing this brown tote for a couple of weeks.  I just love the shape of it and the color is completely right.  AND it's affordable.  Done!

Are you thinking fall yet?  What styles are you craving?

Happy Friday!

xo :)

August 6, 2013

That New Dress Feeling

“I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you're living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”  Diana Vreeland

Sometimes I feel like a new dress will fix everything.  Make me feel younger/thinner/prettier/better.  And yes, it usually does...for a while.  Then the night is over, the dress goes back in the closet, and I'm down from my cloud.  Hello eyelid wrinkles, hello zit I had masterfully covered with Lancome concealer (which is the BEST, by the way), and hello blister from dancing all night in those high heels.  I do love that feeling though...don't you?

New dress...almost like a first kiss.  You see it among the stuffed full racks. It catches your eye with that beautiful color or fabulous looking neckline.  "Oooooooh!" you say excitedly, eyes wide.  And it's my size!  And on SALE!  This could be the one!  Wait, don't get your hopes up too might sit funny on your hips or bunch weird around the middle.  Let's try it on.  Anticipation bubbles as you wander around looking for the fitting room.  Why are those things never close by??  Found it!  You strip, slide new dress off its hanger and unzip..."please oh please oh please let it fit!"    You slip it on, wiggle the zipper up, and you turn around to face the almost always unforgiving dressing room mirror...  "Yes!"  No waist bunching, the zipper lies flat, and your boobs look amazing.  Success!!

I love shopping trips like that!

It's rare to find an article of clothing that makes you feel that good.  And even rarer to find one that will keep making you feel that good every time you put it on.  It's important, however, to feel good even without that one, spectacular new dress/top/skirt/pair of shoes.  The quote above made me I do my best to feel good, great even, every day...even if there is no new dress?  To live my life as positively and authentically as possible, to be happy?  I sure try.  Some days are better than others.  But it's good to remember, that as beautiful as that new dress is, and as wonderful as it makes me feel, it's only a dress.  It is better to feel beautiful on the inside.  To know that I am a good person, I am smart, capable, compassionate.  That I am living a good any old thing I wear.

    xo :)

August 2, 2013

The 90s Button

Hearing the music from my formative years makes me a little giddy.  Ok, a lot giddy!  So many memories!  I still think about the 90s party two of my friends had last fall for their birthdays.  They were both turning 25 so, at first I was like...ummm you were both almost BORN in the 90s!  But hey, music is for everyone and the 90s had some of the best in my opinion.  The party was so much fun.  I went out and got some Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine and some Mad Dog 20/20, because that's what my 16 year old self thought was tasty back then.  I couldn't find any Purple Passion or I would have gotten that too! (I know, bad girl for drinking under age!)

So here's what I wore.  I tried and tried to find some higher waisted jeans to go with my 90s pigtails and crop top but couldn't.  Oh well.  A few of the girls dressed up as The Spice Girls.  They were so cute!  This is Posh Spice here with me. :)

Anyway, I haven't had that much fun dancing in...I don't even know how long!  Oh, I bet I didn't stop for about 3 hours.  Jesus Jones, Luscious Jackson, Haddaway, Depeche Mode, EMF, Robin S, TLC...I could go on and on!  

Which brings me to the reason for this post: The 90s Button.  Without a doubt, the bestest most funnest internet time waster I've found in a while!  Just click on the Hoff, and you get an endless array of 90s jams.

   I can't stop clicking!  

Some other 90s memories...

I love it!

The 90s were an amazing time for me, even though I was often angsty and rebellious (what teen isn't?), or going through some drama for one reason or another.  I had a big poufy hair phase, a goth/new waver phase, and a sports girl/cheerleader phase.  It. Was. Awesome.  The experience of attending junior high and high school in the 90s is something I'd never trade for anything.  Except maybe for the experience of attending junior high and high school in the 80s.  But...that would make me 10 years older so...nevermind!  90s Rule!

Here's my cheer phase.  Sophomore year.  How about that snazzy firework in the background?  Ha!

xo  :)