July 13, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend

Lately I have been the type to head straight home after the office on Friday afternoon.  I usually want nothing more than to get home, get comfy, and decompress.  But there's also something very soothing about getting together with some of my best girls for a little happy hour.  Refreshing cocktails, yummy snacks, and a little camaraderie made for the perfect end to my work day.

The new-ish spot we went to, Lark on the Park.  It's adjacent to a great big downtown Dallas deck park that opened late last year.  It was our first time here!

Puffed 'Curry Pillow' pastries and marinated olives and nuts...so tasty!

Some really neat chalk illustrations inside the bar.  Kind of makes me want to paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint and put my artist boyfriend to work!

Happy friends and a fine looking sunset...I'd say Friday was a smashing success.

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