July 30, 2013

35 and Fashion

This past Saturday I put on some sequins and went to my good friend's birthday party.  My professional photog (ha!) was off that night so you get these lovely iPhone photos. :)

I'm kind of terrible at taking selfies...it's hard for me to get the angle right!  I've had this sequin Vince tank dress for a couple of years now and am always happy to have an occasion to wear it.  I sometimes think that at my age I shouldn't be wearing all over sequins, BUT, it's such a simple design and the sequins are not super shiny so I think it totally works.  Some delicate earrings and a couple of cute bangles and that was all I needed.  So, I think I got this one right.

This dress got me thinking though, at 35, can I still wear anything I want?  Should I??  

Since I am a woman of a certain age, I think about this a lot.  I feel sometimes like I'm in this in-between phase, like I still find plenty of "young" clothing items appealing (short skirt, bright print, tight dress), but at the same time I don't want to look like I'm desperately clinging to my youth.  I also don't want to look "old," but it's difficult for me to find the balance.  Like, often.  I've had many days where I've put on twelve different tops with three different bottoms and I just can't seem to make the right connection.  Will it look slutty if I wear this short skirt with heels?  Do I look like I'm trying too hard with this low cut top?  Should I really be wearing crazy print...anything? 

I suppose I just don't have my style completely figured out yet.  It's only in the last few years that I've really tried to find a place for my fashion to exist.  I've made some regrettable purchases (the red eyelet dress with puffy sleeves I bought and never took the tags off of comes to mind), but I've also made some great ones (DVF black dress, yes!).  I'm still trying to get the hang of how to wear my youthful things and not look...teenagery.  For instance, I bought a blue-green silk strapless romper thing.  It's gorgeous, it's short, and it looked great on, but I just could not bring myself to wear my platform ankle wrap wedges with it.  I really wanted to!  But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was like, "what are you trying to prove?"  I ended up wearing some old Old Navy flat sandals.  Then I thought, "meh,"  but then at least I felt less like I was trying to impress someone (Other women? Boys? I don't know.).  Maybe I fear being judged.  But why do I care what others think of my sartorial choices? 

I shouldn't, I know.  But I guess it's a girl thing (or maybe it's a ME thing)...I want to be perceived appropriately.  I don't want someone looking at me and my outfit and thinking some incorrect thought about what kind of person I might be.  There I go again, trying to control things I couldn't possibly control.  Is it a lack of confidence?  Is my self worth too tied up in how I look?  Too often, we women get the message that unless we are conventionally pretty, thin, and fashionable, we aren't worthy of love or acceptance.  We must have soft hair, white teeth, cellulite free thighs, expensive shoes, and long, full eyelashes.  We've been conditioned this way from an early age most of us, and it's hard to break free of.  My light has been on inside recently, and I'm exploring these issues within myself much more.  Change is difficult, but it is necessary.  I really want to be able to wear what I think is cute and I want to feel good in it, no matter what anyone else might think.  I think maybe the way to do that is to, well...just DO it.

xoxo :)


  1. We all get through this stage in life but i always follow a couple of rules which include making sure whatever i wear is easy on the eyes, i feel confident and sexy without being vulgar, i love what i am wearing. That dress looks great and age appropraite on you.


    1. Thank you! Confident and sexy without being vulgar...yes. Makes perfect sense! :)

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  3. Well, you look beautiful in the dress! I hope that counts for something :)

    xx Luisa @ Why Don’t You Make Me?

    1. Thank you! Nice compliments always count :)

  4. Just wear what FEELS right, then it will look right, too because it will show your personality and who you are. :)

  5. nice dress dear! <3
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